Top 5 Best Natural Stone Countertops: Unique Designs for Your Remodeling

Countertop choice is a crucial part of any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Natural stone countertops offer an unmatched combination of beauty, durability and versatility. As certified design and remodeling professionals, we’re here to help you explore the top 5 countertop natural stone  options that will transform your spaces into unique and elegant places.

Granite: Classic Elegance

Granite maintains its ranking as the #1 consumer choice in countertops at Natural Stone.  It’s easy to perceive why!  Granite’s durability, timeless beauty, & resistance to staining make it quite the go to choice for kitchens & bathrooms. 

Did you know that each-and-every Granite slab is distinctive?  Of course, this means your  original granite countertop is in a class by itself! From classic black granite to dazzling white granite, which will you select?


natural stone countertops - granito

Marble: Sophisticated Elegance

Marble is known for its sophisticated elegance and beauty!  The unique veining and soft color palette make marble  a popular choice for elegant kitchens & luxurious bathrooms!  Although softer than granite, marble can age gracefully, developing a patina that adds character over time.

natural stone countertops - marmol

Quartz: Durability and Variety

Quartz is a versatile and durable choice that offers a wide variety of patterns as well as an extensive, intriguing color palette.  Additionally, quartz is stain resistant and doesn’t require sealing! Quartz represents a very practical choice for enjoying the beauty of natural stone along with quartz’s carefree maintenance.

Natural Stone Countertops | New Jersey

Slate: Rustic Elegance

Slate is a stunning, exclusive choice for a countertop!  A combination of dark colors and rough textures, slate adds a unique sense of rustic elegance to your space! Slate’s high heat resistant quality makes it perfect for use in your kitchen remodel plans.

natural stone countertops - pizarra

Onyx: Exotic Luxury

Looking for a countertop that’s the embodiment of luxury & exclusivity?
Feast your eyes on onyx! With unique color variation & translucency, onyx is an eye-catching, exotic choice. You’ll want to provide onyx with all the special care it deserves as it’s a bit softer than other stones.

natural stone countertops

Natural Stone countertops are an essential element of your Natural Stone remodel project!  Whatever your final selection, each stone features unique strengths & benefits. Natural Stone’s certified remodeling & design professionals are always available & ready to assist you in arriving at your decisions.

stone countertops

Enjoy the lasting beauty & charm of a Natural Stone countertop in your home. Natural Stone’s expert team of artisans & design specialists is available to assist you in your selection!  Your choice of countertops determines the aesthetics of your space, its functionality and durability!


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