Gleaming: Cleaning & Maintaining Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertop:

Over the years, Quartz countertops have gained great popularity for their stunning appearance and durability! Quartz is a synthetic stone composed primarily of natural quartz powder mixed with resin. This combination results in a surface resistant to stains, scratches and damage caused by everyday kitchen wear & tear. 


If you’ve already invested or are considering investing in quartz countertops, it’s essential to understand how best to maintain them in optimal condition to continue enjoying their beauty and functionality for the long term!


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Quartz Countertop: quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz Countertops Cleaning & Maintenance

These countertops are known for being unique pieces with low maintenance.  Nevertheless, they do still require special care to maintain their luster and elegance. 

See the following tips for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Daily Cleaning

Clean your quartz countertops with a soft cloth, warm water and neutral soap.  Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners, as they can damage the resin that binds the quartz particles together. Dry the surface after cleaning to prevent water spots.

Quartz Countertop: Clean your quartz countertops

Avoid Excessive Heat

While quartz countertops are heat resistant, it’s highly recommended to use hot pot & pan stands to prevent potential long-term damage.

Quartz Countertop: Clean your quartz countertops with a soft cloth, warm water and neutral soap. 

Use Cutting Boards

Always use cutting boards when cutting food. Although quartz countertops are scratch resistant, it’s best to prevent any possible damage while working with knives.

Quartz Countertop: While quartz countertops are heat resistant,

Spills & Stains

Wipe up spills of acidic liquids such as lemon juice, vinegar or wine immediately to prevent stains from occurring. Use a soft cloth with soapy water to clean these areas.

Quartz Countertop: quartz Spills & Stains

Specific Cleaning Products

If you need something stronger to remove any stubborn stains, select a cleaner specifically made for use with quartz countertops. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Quartz Countertop: Specific Cleaning Products

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