The Most Popular Countertops

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Countertops play a vital and exciting role in the aesthetics and preparation of your space. Choosing the right countertop makes all the difference in terms of style, durability and maintenance. Natural Stone Kitchen and Bath offers you the most popular countertops, favored among customers renovating their kitchen with a sophisticated, modern touch.

Today’s most popular options include granite, quartz, marble and wood surfaces.

1 - Granite

Granite has long been a classic choice for kitchen countertops. It offers the unique combination of natural beauty and durability. Granite countertops are naturally quite heat and scratch resistant, making them an excellent choice for high-use areas. In addition, Granite countertops  are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, to complement every kitchen style.

Today’s most popular options include granite, quartz, marble and wood surfaces.

2 - Quartz

Quartz recently has gained enormous popularity.  Quartz countertops are composed of crushed quartz and resin and as a result are highly resistant to heat and staining.                                   Additionally, quartz countertops are non-porous, helping to keep away bacteria and making them a low-maintenance option. Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any modern kitchen style. 

3 - Marble

If you’re after an elegant, luxurious look for your kitchen, marble is the perfect choice. Marble is known for its natural beauty and distinctive veining. Marble is more porous than other countertop options, requiring sealing and regular care to keep it in tip-top condition. Marble countertops continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a timeless, sophisticated look.

4 - Wood

Wood countertops are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Wood adds warmth and character to any kitchen and suits a variety of styles, from rustic to modern. 

Wood countertops, however,  require extra maintenance  and care when compared to other materials. Most importantly, wood countertops must be sealed properly and kept from prolonged exposure to water and heat.  If cared for properly, wood countertops can be a durable and beautiful option.

Each of these options offer their own unique advantages and maintenance considerations. When choosing a countertop, always consider your lifestyle, personal needs and available budget. 


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