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As a timeless choice for your home, use stone countertops!  The natural beauty & elegance they bring into your spaces is incomparable – particularly, the ever-popular, white marble! 

To achieve stunning design in your home, select white marble,  readily available at Natural Stone.

Classic Elegance with White Marble

White marble is a classic choice that never goes out of style! Its smooth, polished appearance is perfectly suited to a wide range of decorating styles. From modern-style kitchens to vintage-inspired bathrooms, white marble serves as the element that brings a sense of sophistication & luxury to your  space!

Did you know that each-and-every Granite slab is distinctive?  Of course, this means your  original granite countertop is in a class by itself! From classic black granite to dazzling white granite, which will you select?

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Color and Design Combinations

White marble is versatile and pairs up with many colors and materials. You can opt for kitchen cabinets in dark tones for a striking contrast or choose wood cabinets for a cozier & warmer look. In your bathrooms, white marble countertops look stunning paired up with gold or silver-toned fixtures, adding a touch of glamor!

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Appropriate Lighting

Lighting is essential when it comes to enhancing the beauty of stone countertops, especially white marble!  Make the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom adequate enough to bring out all the nuances & fine textures of the marble. Recessed lights, pendant lights or a combination will create a harmonious ambiance. 

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Decorating Details

The difference is in the details in designing with stone countertops!  Adding vases of flowers, for example, bowls of fruit or stainless steel cookware will bring pizzazz & liven your space! Consider using open shelves, as well, to display elegant dinnerware or wall art that complements the theme of your decor.

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Maintaining Stone Countertops

White marble countertops are indeed beautiful & they do require care to maintain their flawless appearance.  So regularly seal the stone to prevent staining and incidental damage. Spot clean immediately and use mild, non-abrasive cleaning products to keep the surface in pristine condition.

Discover the beauty of natural stone and the art of designing with long-lasting stone countertops! Natural Stone offers a great variety of white marble countertop options in addition to other types of stone to help you bring all your interior design projects to life!

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