Named after what was once the main residence of English Monarchs, Whitehall is simple and elegant with tiny flecks of gray reminiscent of light filtered through a soft morning mist in old London town. Cambria never needs sealing or polishing. To clean Cambria, simply use a soft cotton cloth, warm water, and mild soap if desired. The price includes template, fabrication, installation and choice of an edge.
35 sqf Minimum

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Product Size Information for Slabs, Countertops and Tile
Cambria slabs are 55” x 120” and can be ordered in 1cm, 2cm or 3cm nominal thicknesses. Cambria countertops are available in 2cm
or 3cm material with availability of 2cm, 3cm or 4cm edge thicknesses. Cambria tile can be cut from 1cm or 2cm slabs. Cambria tile
may be cut to nominal or true dimensions, ± 1/16”, with beveled edges, from 8”-24”. Custom dimensions are available upon request,
± 1/16”. Cambria thicknesses are nominal 1cm, 2cm and 3cm, ±0.5mm. 1cm thickness is typically 1.2-1.3cm. Cambria weighs
approximately 6 lbs/ft2 for 1cm, 10 lbs/ft2 for 2cm and 15 lbs/ft2 for 3cm.

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Dimensions 132 x 65.5 in
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