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Your Natural Stone team of experts is right here at your side…offering you not only marble countertops, but also complete wall and floor remodels!

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About Marble for sale

Marble countertops is a special stone that forms when limestone is changed by the intense heat and very strong pressure in the earth. Because of this change, marble attains beautiful stripes and patterns on its surface, making it look unusually elegant and attractive! 

Marble is a valuable material not only in decoration, but also in sculpture and architecture. Marble always retains its beauty and doesn’t ever wear out easily! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of marble countertops varies widely depending on the type of marble used, size of the piece in question and the complexity and location of the project! Marble is considered a luxury material, therefore marble countertops tend to run a bit more expensive than other materials like granite or quartz. Prices also go up and down depending on the number of square feet you use and, of course, your design.

Due to the delicate nature of the material, cutting a marble countertop requires specialized techniques and tools as well. Tools such as wet saws with diamond blades and water-cooled equipment are essential to avoid damaging the marble and minimize heat generation.

The team of professional, expert stone cutters & artisans at Natural Stone, of course, assures you the cutting of your stone is precisely engineered!

Protect your marble countertop and maintain its beauty over time, by following these recommendations…


  • Sealing

Applying a sealer specifically made for marble can help prevent stains and liquid damage. 


  • Proper cleaning and maintenance  

Use a soft, damp cloth to clean marble surfaces and maintain a unique shine.

 Avoid acidic or abrasive cleaning products. 


  • Protection against hot objects 

Use coasters or thermal tablecloths on the countertop to place hot objects, therefore, avoiding marks or changes in the color of the marble.


  • Avoid acidic substances 

Avoid spills of acidic substances such as lemon juice, vinegar or other citric liquids, as they can damage the marble & cause staining.

Remember that marble is a natural material and can have variations in its appearance!

 It’s important to take proper care to maintain its attractiveness over time.



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