Installation countertops

Installation countertops for your kitchen

Installation Countertops for your kitchen |Natural Stone K&B

Countertop Installation Process

Our Countertop Installation process takes from 3-5 business days, from the time we receive your deposit and you have picked out the color of the material.  The installation countertops itself typically takes 2-4 hours.

All of our skilled installers have received certification to guarantee the workmanship on your countertop.

We can remove your old countertops and dispose of them at an additional cost.

If you require this service, ask us to include this as part of your quote.

Pre-Installation Countertops Checklist

Have sink & faucet.Old countertop removed.  If you contracted the removal with us, please have the plumbing disconnected.
Items in lower cabinets removed to protect them.
Have cooktop and downdraft or the slide-in stove on site.
Schedule plumber to reconnect plumbing the next day after installation.
Schedule hook-up of stove or gas after installation.

Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath standard procedure for under-mount sinks is to have 1/8” to 1/4” overhang on the bowl.  This is called a negative reveal.  Deviation from this standard procedure, if requested by the customer, requires a signed request for custom labor.  Aesthetics, hygiene and engineering factors are the reasons for New Jersey Granite standard negative reveal installation.


If you have cabinets that sit directly on your countertops, for example, appliance garages and bread boxes, these should be on-site but not installed before the template.


The dishwasher must be in place.  Most modern dishwashers can be attached to the cabinetry rather than to the countertop.  Your plumber can take care of that when he hooks up your dishwasher.  If the dishwasher must be mounted onto the countertop, Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath, LLC will attach it for you.



  • If you purchased removal services of countertops from us, we will remove and haul away your old countertops.  We will not tear out, remove or dispose of any of the tile backsplash, appliances, cabinets, etc., nor disconnect your gas.If we are removing your existing countertops, you will need to have the cooktop disconnected before our arrival.  Our service does not include the repair or replacement of moldings and trim that are affected by the tear-out or installation of the new countertops. We are not responsible for any gas, plumbing or electrical work required to complete the installation of your new countertops.Although rare, unforeseen conditions can appear as tear-out is completed.  You will be notified immediately if any these are discovered.Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath, LLC does not provide any additional labor needed to repair your cabinets or walls.If you have existing countertops and have not purchased the removal with Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath, LLC, please be sure to have all work completed before our arrival for new countertop installation.



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