Design of kitchen cabinets

Learn about the design process of kitchen countertops and more

Approximate design

We require the dimensions and a rough layout of your kitchen with the  locations of your sink, cooking surface and backsplash.  Measure the width, length and depth of the countertops.  Include a basic drawing with measurements. This will allow us to arrive at the best possible written estimate.

If you do not need a granite backsplash and are using tile, let us know.  This helps to give us a realistic idea of what your countertops will cost.

kitchen remodeling

Selection of Materials & Profile

kitchen remodeling

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, building one from scratch or just ready to give yours a facelift, countertops are a central part of the look.  You may be daunted by the wealth of options on the market.  Countertop surfaces range from well-known butcher-block to less common materials such as glass or terrazzo.

Visit one of our warehouse suppliers or our showroom to start the process.

You can select your granite, quartzite, marble, onyx, limestone or quartz directly from Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath, LLC, associated warehouses or on their websites.

Note that eased, bullnose or oversized radius edges are included; while upgraded and premium edges are available at an additional charge.


Once you have received our estimate and have made your final decisions about the details, we will schedule a template appointment with you.

What is the template?

A template is an exact pattern.  This ensures a precise fit for your custom countertops.  We will come to your home to create the template.  The day after we take the measurements, we could begin the fabrication process.  This is why we need to have all the final details in place before making the template.

kitchen countertops

Consider this to get started with Natural Stone

  • 50% deposit
    Countertops cleared
    Have sink & faucet
    Have cooktop and downdraft or stove on site
    Cabinets are completely set in place and level
    In most cases, old countertops don’t need to be removed for Templating.
  • Important to check your cooktop/downdraft combination to be sure it will fit in your cabinet.  They rarely fit in the standard 24” cabinet against the wall. We will call you the day before your scheduled Template appointment to confirm your availability.  Please advise us at this time if you will NOT be ready as we would then need to reschedule.Any changes made after Templating may result in a delay of your project.All appliances that will be placed in the countertop, (including sink, faucet, cooktop, downdraft, stove and accessories) must be on-site at the time of Template.Other appliances, including dishwashers and refrigerators, should be on-site to ensure proper countertop measurements.Corbels, Brackets or Steel Supports may be required where countertops extend beyond the cabinet. All supporting structures, (e.g., cabinets, columns, pedestals, etc.) must be installed prior to the time of Templating (except for corbels). Corbels should be on-site for Templating and can be installed as soon as possible after we install your countertops.

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