Countertops Pricing

Countertops Pricing

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Unlike any other competitor, all our slabs are in-stock and clearly marked with upfront pricing and a stain resistant rating so you can shop with confidence.

How are Granite Counter-tops priced?

By the square foot, which is 12 inches by 12 inches square. Edges are sold by the linear foot which are the 12 inches just along the edge to be machined and polished.

What makes one stone color more expensive than another?
A number of factors affect the cost of stone, here are just a few.

  • Labor rates in the country where it is from.
  • The exchange rate of the dollar.
  • Freight.
  • The amount of diamond tooling consumed to quarry, cut and polish a stone depends upon how hard that particular species of stone actually is. (They are not the same)
  • How rare the stone is, or how much competition there is.
  • How popular that stone is (Supply and demand)


Is a “level two stone” the same everywhere I shop?
No. The price group or price level is set by the fabricator. There is no international standard. Every shop prices stone based upon their cost to finish a job with a particular stone. Buying in bulk is one way that a shop might have a stone in a lower price level than another shop.

Why do different shops offer different size packages for different types of stone.

Quartz slabs are smaller than granite slabs and more expensive (on average) so the amount of waste affects the material costs of different materials differently.

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