Choosing The Correct White Marble Countertop, For You!

White marble is an elegant, classic choice that will totally transform the look of your home!

Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath expert craftspersons specialize in kitchen and bathroom fabrication and remodeling!  They will provide helpful tips to assist you in determining the perfect white marble countertop for your remodeling project! 

Consider The Style Of Your Home

White marble is a beautiful, natural stone requiring special care as it may be prone to occasional scratching and staining. With an active family & frequent use, plan on regular cleaning. Additionally, Natural Stone K&B, will suggest high-quality sealers that offer great  protection for white marble.

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Evaluate Durability

White marble is versatile and pairs up with many colors and materials. You can opt for kitchen cabinets in dark tones for a striking contrast or choose wood cabinets for a cozier & warmer look. In your bathrooms, white marble countertops look stunning paired up with gold or silver-toned fixtures, adding a touch of glamor!

Understands White Marble Variations

White marble has variations in veins, tones and patterns. While deciding, order samples to evaluate how they look to you in your space!  Are you someone who prefers a white marble with soft, elegant veining or do you tend to go for a more dramatic look with pronounced veining?  Your choice, of course, will depend on your personal taste and the style of your home.


White marble is an option commanding a larger budget. Consider not only the price of the stone itself, but also the installation and any long-term maintenance requirements.

Natural Stone K&B will work with you to find a white marble solution to fit within your budget!

Consult With Professionals

The kitchen & bathroom remodeling and design experts at Natural Stone K&B are available to advise you in the selection of white marble countertops. Talk to them for guidance on the type of white marble suitable for your style and needs.

Selecting the perfect white marble countertop for your home is an important decision that will affect the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom.  Natural Stone K&B is dedicated to assisting you in making a wise decision! 

Consider the style of your home, durability, marble variations and budget. Then consult with the Natural Stone K&B professionals to ensure your choice is a good one for you. With the appropriate white marble countertop, your space will transform into a place of timeless elegance and beauty!

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