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Granite countertops

It is common to wonder what type of material is suitable for each area of our home where they are adaptable, therefore, in this case we present the advantages of granite countertops, where they have been reflecting as a great option for specific areas such as the kitchen, as they are adaptable to this type of place without having any technical problem.

This type of countertops have different styles, colors and shapes, depending on the taste and interest of the person, but in the same way this material is totally recommended, since it has a 100% resistance.

Kitchen Countertops


Granite is a type of material being considered in a natural stone manufacturing, generating a totally transparent and natural style in your space.

Which is better for the kitchen, quartz or granite?

Both types of materials are of high quality, but have different characteristics, i.e., quartz will require more frequent maintenance, at least once a year, because this type of material can suffer stains, therefore should be performed polishing and sealing work in order to last much longer, in the case of granite has a high resistance to shock and heat, generating a high durability, this type of material can last for decades in a kitchen, it all depends on the care and handling you give it in your home.

Advantages of granite

Its characteristics are unique, since they are manufactured with natural stone, veined and contain a unique color in the market.
They are resistant to heat and scratches, therefore they are considered unique pieces with a high percentage of resistance, they do not generate any type of crack.
You have the opportunity to flame and have a great variety of colors and textures.
The sun does not affect this type of countertops at all, its color and texture are durable.

It is important that when choosing the material for your countertop, you take into account the advice of an expert depending on the idea of the renovation, installation or design you want to make.

In Natural Stone we offer you the best advice, where we highlight the combinations with classic cut and more modern aesthetics. Start your process and get a free quote.


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