Give your bathroom remodeling the true transformation it deserves with premium quality countertops from Natural Stone. If you’re looking to take your bathroom design and aesthetic to the next level, countertops from Natural Stone are your perfect choice!

Imagine a space where elegance meets functionality, where durability merges with natural beauty. With Natural Stone countertops, all this is possible. Each surface is carefully selected and crafted by stone experts who understand the importance of detail and excellence.

Select from a wide range of options available at Natural Stone Kitchen & Bath, each with unique characteristics. From the timeless luxury of marble to the strength of granite, each choice makes a statement of quality and taste!

bath countertops

Your  bathroom constitutes a fundamental element of your home! 

Beyond its visual appearance, functionality becomes an indispensable pillar in the design of your bathroom cabinets

Carefully choosing materials for your bath countertops influences your comfort and utility. Materials like marble, quartz, granite & wood, enhance the aesthetics and add elegance while conferring strength and providing resilience against moisture. 

When Revamping Your Bathroom Consider:

  • Comfort & Well-being
  • Good Illumination
  • Functionality
  • Quality & Durability
  • Design & Aesthetics
  • Investment

Frequently Asked Questions:

Costs vary widely depending on location, size, materials, complexity, and whether you contract professionals or do the work yourself. 

It involves steps like the following


  • Planning

Establish a budget, define goals & remodeling style. Decide whether you will do the work yourself or hire Natural Stone’s team of professionals.

  • Design

Decide what elements you will keep or change, such as tiles, fixtures, countertops.

  • Demolition

 Remove the elements to be replaced.

  • Repairs

Perform any necessary structural, plumbing, electrical repairs. 

  • Installation

Install new tile, countertops, toilets, fixtures, accessories, etc.

Be ready to seek the help of professionals for installation of more complex elements.

  • Painting and finishing

Paint the walls if necessary and add any finishing touches, such as light fixtures, mirrors and shelving.

  • Cleaning and finishing

Thoroughly clean the area; make sure everything is working properly.

  • Specialized paint

There are specific paints for countertop surfaces. Sand the surface lightly; apply a primer; paint with the desired color; apply a sealer to protect the paint.

  • Film or vinyl coating

Use a self-adhesive film or vinyl designed to cover countertops, available in different colors and patterns.

  • Countertop replacement

If budget allows, replace the countertop in marble, quartz, granite or other materials in the color of your choice.

Benefits of Bath Countertops:


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