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Marble is truly a timeless classic when it comes to building materials. This is evidenced by the fact that the natural stone has been used to build everything from some of the world’s most famous statues to kitchen and bathroom countertops.
Granite countertops are some of the most beautiful and tough surfaces you can find. You will have a seemingly endless array of colors and styles to choose from when it comes to this amazing natural stone. Granite is very durable, which makes it an ideal countertop material for any home.
Quartz countertops are engineered surfaces that are made from a combination of roughly 90 percent ground natural quartz and about 10 percent polyresin. These specific percentages can slightly differ based on brands but will always be in the same area.


We offer a fabulous selection of all wood kitchen cabinets made in New Jersey.  You will always find the highest quality, solid wood kitchen cabinetry with our lowest possible price.

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With a rough diagram of your kitchen, your choice of stone and profile, we give you a FREE estimate with no hidden prices.
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Finally, we will cut the stone and have it installed for you in less than six days from approval.

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